Graham Robinson established Shakinda Productions in early 2007, believing that modern technology has given us new capabilities for kinetic and interactive visual art.

He has spent over a year researching the history of colour and music from Isaac Newtown’s colour wheel through Kandinsky’s abstract art and Fichinger’s experimental film to the light shows of Janis Joplin and modern installation works and saw the progression to the point where modern software and computers allow us to improvise visually in an unprecedented way.

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Synaesthesia is another key element to our work; the phenomenon where stimuli to one sense will also trigger sensations in another. As Kandinsky said “…our hearing of colours is so precise that it would perhaps be impossible to find anyone who would try to represent his impression of bright yellow by means of the bottom register of the piano”[/box]

Alongside these grand aspirations Shakinda has always been 100% committed to world class production standards, striving to deliver the highest quality product to our customers but at unmatched value for local and international business.

From the very outset our values were proven to be in high demand as Graham provided live visuals for a galaxy of start Djs at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, just 6 weeks after starting to trade.

Since then we have had many great successes and adventures, from working with MTV Arabia out in Dubai and performing to over 100,000 people at festivals, clubs, video art shows and galleries across three continents and both hemisphere’s.

In more recent years we have been writing the first ever book on Quartz Composer an interactive visual programming platform for Pearson Education, whilst developing our video production and 3D Modeling and rendering capabilities.

It has been an exciting journey over the last four years, we have enjoyed adding real value and wow factor to many brands, events and locations, drop us a line and we can start a new journey together.