Land Of Giants

We at Shakinda are excited to have just signed contracts with Giant Events
Company, the organisers of Land of Giants, Northern Irelands largest ever 
outdoor arts event. The event is scheduled to take place on Belfast’s Titanic
Slipways on the 30th June this year, which will create high-profile spectacular
and innovative celebrations across the land.

Land of Giants takes inspiration from some of the iconic giants found in the
history, society and landscape of Northern Ireland. These include Jonathan
Swift’s Gulliver, the legendary Finn McCool, the Giant’s Causeway and of
course Harland and Wolff’s iconic Samson and Goliath, the two cranes that
have dominated the Belfast skyline for the past 40 years; and were used in the
building of many famous ships including the Titanic, these together with the
vision of Northern Ireland and its population as being giant in ideas, talent and

The event will combine acrobatics, aerial dance, carnival, circus, physical
performance, music, multi-media and pyrotechnics, and will present a
spectacular production to an audience of more than 20,000 people at the city’s
newest open-air events space.

We at Shakinda will be in charge of the projection content and delivery at the
event, we have recruited a team of 6 animators and AVtek to deliver the production
side of the projection elements. It’s the biggest show we have worked on to date
and we’re very excited!

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