01 Land Of Giants


Shakinda Productions carried out the entire projection element from concept to creative content design, from production planning to technical delivery. Land of Giants was the largest ever Arts event in Ireland, produced by Walk the Plank and Directed by Mark Murphy, Graham Robinson of Shakinda worked as animation director alongside the heads of each department of this unique spectacular event.

Image of letter A projection and fireworks

“To add original animation and the technical difficulties of its projection to a show already as big, complex and pressurised as Land Of Giants could easily have been the straw that broke the directors back.
Thankfully it was with great appreciation and to the supreme credit of Graham at Shakinda and his incredible team of artists, technicians and crew, that this was one of the least stressful and most pleasant collaborations of the whole production.”
-Mark Murphy, Artistic Director Land of Giants.

hand drawn frame of lead character Grace in her garden

Over 6000 frames of hand drawn animation were produced by belfast based artists at 4k (3840×2160) four times HD resolution. We developed our own production pipline, so that each frame in the final show was drawn from a mixture of reference footage filmed of the shows performers and 3d animations created for more abstract elements of the script.

picture of 3 of the animation team on land of giants, peter strain, ciaran gallagher and chris scullion

Jasbeer Sign the creative director, worked tirelessly editing, compositing and driving the animation team. Peter Strain was the lead artist, who helped develop the overall look with Mark and Graham. Darren Vandenburg was the Story artist and created some traditional animation elements with Mike Bass. Ciaran Gallagher, David Henderson and Chris Scullion all delivered incredible rotoscoping and drawing to bring the story to life.

image of titanic building facade and storyboard

Projecting onto Belfast’s iconic Titanic signature building was both an honour and a huge technical challenge, made from ionised marine grade aluminium, it’s multifaceted surface demanded a very complex projection design. With a show date of 30th of June an incredibly bright night in Belfast’s year we worked with AvTek to deliver a technical projection design which would ensure the 20,000 strong audience would all be able to enjoy the projected content 30m high.

In the end everyone’s work paid off and a sold out crowd enjoyed a truly iconic night in Belfast’s cultural history as a sold out crowd were treated to a magical nights entertainment.

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