Shakinda Live 2.0

We are very excited to be working with legendary Belfast club Thompsons on a globally unique Visuals system to drive their cutting edge 4 projector roof setup.

We consulted with the club to ensure they purchased the correct short throw projectors to maximise the tricky positioning of their vaulted ceiling and roof iron work.

Image of 2 macs and 5 screens for testing new visual system.


We also helped them choose the correct playback hardware and software combination.  Choosing VDMX as the software has allowed us to create a completely bespoke visuals solution.

There is live automated audio reactiviy, and IPAD control module so the dj doesn’t have to start poking around with a laptop to change the visuals and it also features the option for the system to mix visuals every 32 bars or for full manual controll.

Additionally unique “break down effects” have been created so that with the simple push of a button the visuals can suddenly explode matching perfectly a breakdown in the DJ’s music.

More details to follow…